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Partners On Call 24/7 (954) 765-6585

Attempted Murder Sentence in Florida

Florida courts take attempted murder charges very seriously. People convicted of these offenses face some of the harshest penalties, including life imprisonment. When facing charges of attempted murder in Florida, you need a knowledgeable attorney who will assess your case accurately and defend your rights and freedom. If not, you risk facing permanent criminal records,…
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What are the Penalties for Assaulting a Police Officer?

Touching, threatening, or hitting someone in an offensive manner is a serious crime that leads to criminal charges. However, assaulting a police officer is considered a violent felony that attracts even more severe charges. If convicted, penalties for assaulting a police officer include a minimum of 2 years jail time, life imprisonment, fines, and post-release supervision restrictions -probation isn’t…
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Teen Suspected in Carjacking Charged as Adult

The Palm Beach Post reported on September 29 that the West Palm Beach Police Department said a 17-year-old was being charged as an adult in a reported September 4 carjacking near Good Samaritan Medical Center. The teenager was transferred to the Palm Beach County Jail on September 27 following his September 5 arrest on allegations…
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